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The Iconic Tasting Room Rose

Some argue that life is better when viewed through rose colored lenses. What about wine? Does wine taste better when served in a rose covered tasting room? For those who have visited Husch, you may have an opinion.

Likely planted 46 years ago by Tony and Gretchen Husch, the roses arch over the entry and splash across the building. We believe they are Blaze roses.

The dark green foliage contrasts with the glorious red flowers that contain up to 25 petals each and can climb up to 15 feet. These lush red roses bloom from spring until frost, allowing for a warm welcome to our tasting room. The small buds thrive in full sun with moist, well drained soil and produce a mild fruit fragrance - nothing too overwhelming which might interfere with the wines served inside. Actually, there are three separate rose vines planted around the tasting room, intermingling with each other to appear like one vine providing a true blaze of color.

Our winery foreman Raul, who has nurtured these vines for the past 35 years, plans his pruning perfectly to maximize the vibrant bloom. Most importantly when visiting Husch, we hope you take time to smell the roses. Oh, and maybe enjoy a bottle of rosé or any of our other delicious wines.

Husch’s New Releases from Anderson Valley

At Husch we craft our reserve wines from the best lots that a vintage has to offer. Once selected, each lot is given special care and aged in our favorite French oak barrels. The result, as the 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir demonstrates, is well worth the extra effort and time. The 2014 weather patterns were dry and warm, with just enough rain to make the vines happy and carry us through the growing season. Each lot was hand-picked and fermented with 20% whole clusters in small open top fermenters. Then it was aged in French oak (50% new) for 10 months. The resulting wine has concentrated aromas of cherry, strawberry, rose hips, cedar and vanilla. The rich and silky body allows substance and grace on the palate, lovely when paired with wild mushroom soup, roast chicken or smoked salmon. 438 cases produced

Appellation: Anderson Valley
Maturation: 10 months, French oak
Harvest Dates: Sept 3-18, 2014
Alcohol: 14.2%
Retail Price: $38.00

Since its inaugural vintage in 2005, the Vin Gris has been one of Husch’s most popular wines. This classic dry rosé is called Vin Gris "grey wine" which typically denotes a pink wine that is crafted in the traditional French style from the black Pinot Noir grapes. The grapes are picked early in harvest when sugar is low and acid is high. We gently press the grapes after 8 hours of skin contact. The perfectly pink juice is cool fermented, then bottled early to showcase its natural beauty and freshness. Our 2016 Vin Gris is bone dry, crisp, fruity and refreshing. Summer strawberries, ripe melon, grapefruit and white peach aromas and flavors greet the palate. This refreshing summer wine is quaffable on its own and will pair nicely with fish tacos, green curry and soft cheeses. It is also a nice alternative to complement your Thanksgiving turkey. 543 cases produced

Appellation: Anderson Valley
Maturation: 5 months in stainless steel
Harvest Dates: Aug 25, 2016
Alcohol: 13%
Retail Price: $18.00

The vines which produce the grapes for this wine are a mix of old and young. Our old vines date back to the original planting at Husch in 1968 and continue to produce golden-rust colored berries with amazing character. In the winter of 2016 the rains returned to California, refilling the water table and hydrating the old, deep roots. We hand-harvested the grapes over the course of three different nights to capture optimum ripeness. Way more fun to drink than it is to pronounce, our 2016 Dry Gewurztraminer is simply irresistible. Tempting aromas and flavors of lychee, honeysuckle, ginger and jasmine mesmerize your senses. Crisp, lively and rich, it is delicious on its own or pair with teriyaki chicken, bratwurst, or cheese fondue. 2223 cases produced

Appellation: Anderson Valley
Maturation: 5 months stainless steel
Harvest Dates: Aug 23-Sept 10, 2016
Alcohol: 13.8%
Retail Price: $15.00

Grand OZ: 10th Anniversary

The story is a memorable one - it was our grandfather "Grand Oz" who introduced our family to grape-growing and wine. A longtime farmer, HA Oswald, Jr. grew some of Mendocino County’s best grapes at the family vineyard and produced some of the region’s finest wines. While every bottle of Husch carries his name, we thought it fitting that this exclusive wine be named in his honor.

The 2013 vintage marks our 10th year producing this special wine. After tasting through all the grapes on Oswald’s home ranch, winemakers Brad and Jeff agreed that the "nothing but the best" blend had to be 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for 18 months in four French oak barrels, this wine was nurtured from vineyard to bottle with the utmost pride and care. Each bottle is hand numbered, wax sealed and signed by third generation family owners, Zac Robinson & Amanda Holstine.

The 2013 OZ is dark and concentrated, with hues of garnet that are complemented by layered aromas and flavors of blackberry, cherry cordial, mulberry, toffee, vanilla and dried herbs. Chalky tannins, well assimilated acidity, and a lasting richness give this wine balance and sophistication. Fine wines attract fine food: lamb osso buco, beef wellington, Maytag blue cheese, or dark chocolate. A great cellar selection. Grand OZ bottle opening trick - use your corkscrew to go directly through the wax and into the cork.

93 cases produced
Appellation: Mendocino
Maturation:18 months new French oak
Harvest Dates: Oct 8-13, 2013
Retail Price: $62.00

2016 Mojo Red & 2016 LA Blanc

Husch has seen several generations of family over the years and now the fourth generation is coming of age. At 15, Morgan Joseph (Mojo) isn’t quite a full-fledged winemaker like his dad, but his namesake wine has developed a loyal following: high quality wine from a local producer at an affordable price is a growing rarity. The Mojo Red is as much fun to make as it is to drink. With no fixed rules, we blend until it tastes just right. The 2016 is Syrah-based and hand-crafted in small batches, seeing the same attention that all our wines receive. The deep color, diverse range of aromas and massive fruit flavors make this a great everyday red. This wine pairs well with life, and any of your favorite dishes. Best enjoyed in its youth. Retail Price: $14.00

In true family tradition, the 2016 LA Blanc is named after Grand Oz’s great-grandchildren Luke and Amelia. The LA Blanc continues to be a local favorite and can only be found in Mendocino County, at our tasting room or website. The goal in crafting this vintage is to blend an affordable, fun and delicious alternative white wine. Fresh aromas and flavors of apple, tangerine, lemon, and peach make this wine easy to swirl, sniff, and sip. The perfect picnic wine, this vintage also pairs nicely with pesto or veggie kebabs. Retail Price: $11.00