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Making wine at Husch is a hands-on job: Winemaker Brad works with Yotilde to "punch down" the fermenting must of pinot noir. This process provides a gentle mixing of the solids (skins, pulp, seeds) and the grape juice.

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Morning at the Winery

Winemaking starts early at Husch, when the cool of the early morning is best for the wine.

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In the world of winemaking, the keys to success are the grapes and people that you work with. Thus the land, climate, and farming input are the most important factors for making high quality wines. Having been pear and grape farmers for three generations prior to purchasing the winery in 1979, our family already understood the most important aspect of winemaking. Here at Husch Vineyards, our wines are an extension of our farming heritage, amazing Mendocino terroir, and dedicated work force.

In the winery, simplicity is king. As it turns out, winemaking is not rocket science, it is a matter of providing the right environment for the right outcome. Think about it, wine was not invented, it was discovered. People picked grapes, left them in a tub with the intention of eating them, forgot about them, only to come back and find that they had wine. After making this tasty mistake a few times, people slowly figured out how and why this happened. Today, wine at Husch is made much the same way, very simply. It is all about farming the highest quality grapes and providing the right environment for those grapes to become wine.

From our largest production to our smallest production, all Husch wines receive the same amount of attention and care. All of our grapes are hand-picked very early in the morning when the coolness of the night is still upon them. Once the grapes enter the winery, we employ a variety of techniques that are tailored to the variety and wine being produced. The results are delicious wines that have a sense of place and distinguished varietal character. We hope you enjoy!

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